Definitions for "Stab"
Keywords:  thrust, jabbed, weapon, knife, wound
To pierce with a pointed weapon; to wound or kill by the thrust of a pointed instrument; as, to stab a man with a dagger; also, to thrust; as, to stab a dagger into a person.
To give a wound with a pointed weapon; to pierce; to thrust with a pointed weapon.
To wound or pain, as if with a pointed weapon.
An immature neutrophil.
a young neutrophil which has an elongated nucleus that has not yet become lobed (having a rounded projecting part) as in a mature neutrophil
Immature neutrophil in which the nucleus is not yet multi-lobed; also called a band cell
Fig.: To injure secretly or by malicious falsehood or slander; as, to stab a person's reputation.
Fig.: An injury inflicted covertly or suddenly; as, a stab given to character.
Abbreviation for Same Type Attack Bonus. This is an increase in damage for attacks that cause damage where the type of the attack is the same as one of the type(s) of the pokemon using the attack. The bonus is 50%, so the damage of an attack with STAB would be 150% of a pokemon with identical stats, but didn't have a matching type. This bonus is not the same as the bonus given by Type-boosting items.
Acronym for 'Same Type Attack Bonus'. When a Pokémon uses an attack and its type matches the Pokémon's type (for example, Raichu using Thunderbolt), it will do about 50% more damage to the opponent. This is called Same Type Attack Bonus.
In music, a stab is a single staccato chord that adds dramatic impact to a composition. Stabs are usually provided by horns (real or synthesized) or an orchestral sample, usually occur on a 1-beat, and are frequently used in funk, freestyle, and ska.
During World War II, the suffix Stab was used in German military aeronautics to help distinguish between the State Major in Flight (direct air command) of each Gruppe (Group) or between Geschwadern (Wings) inside German Luftwaffe units.
A hard toggle turn that can quickly reverse the canopy direction, slinging the parachutist out from directly under the canopy.
A protrusion on the bus bars of a loadcenter which accepts a miniature circuit breaker.
informal words for any attempt or effort; "he gave it his best shot"; "he took a stab at forecasting"
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to guide the end of a pipe into a coupling when making up a connection.
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Horizontal Stabilizer
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Short for stabilizer. See below.