Definitions for "Staccato"
Disconnected; separated; distinct; -- a direction to perform the notes of a passage in a short, distinct, and pointed manner. It is opposed to legato, and often indicated by heavy accents written over or under the notes, or by dots when the performance is to be less distinct and emphatic.
Expressed in a brief, pointed manner.
Movements in quick separate rhythm: to be danced, as rapid short detached motions
Staccato is a comic strip (but more often known as a webcomic) written and drawn by Shawn Handyside. Currently published on its own web site, and in several newspapers including the Manchester Mirror, Concord Mirror, and Salem Observer. Has also been published in 168 magazine and Artistic Vibrations magazine.
Is obtained on the guitar by using strictly alterntate picking.
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tempo speed
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A series of quick, clear beats.
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