Definitions for "tempo"
(Ital. for "time") : Speed, rate of speed. Tempo is either by a (rather approximate) direction in Italian (e.g. Allegro non troppo), or a metronome marking ( M.M. ) , or both. Tempo primo, Tempo I = at the original tempo.
One of the key parts of a quality swing. The rhythm that a player swings the golf club.
Speed or pace of music or dance. The use of slower and faster beats and steps.
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The unit of time represented by one move. For example: 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 gains a tempo, as the Queen must move again if it is to avoid being captured.
A single move. Very often a chess game becomes a fight for tempo.
(Latin for "time".) Amount of relative time represented by a move. That is, you can open a game by moving your king pawn two squares and get to the e4 square in one move . Or you can spend two moves playing 1. e3, followed by 2. e4, and lose a tempo accomplishing the same thing.
a cross between a taxi and a minibus, with room to squeeze in eight or ten people
three-wheeled taxi similar to a rickshaw found throughout the streets in Kathmandu
Usually moderato, but faster on the rocky bits and the middle eight.
Tempo was a Norwegian motorcycle and moped manufacturer. Jonas Øglænd was responsible for making the frames, and ZF Sachs AG made the engines. They first and foremost sold mopeds.
Tempo is the fourth album by Norwegian band Salvatore and was released in 2002. It was recorded in Chicago, USA, and was produced by John Mc Entire of Tortoise fame.
Tempo was a weekly sports magazine published in Belgrade. Most of its coverage centered around football, with basketball, handball, volleyball and waterpolo also featuring prominently. For decades Tempo was famous among the youth of SFR Yugoslavia for publishing glossy colour posters of their favourite domestic and foreign sporting heroes.
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David Sánchez Badillo (born on 1979 in Ponce, Puerto Rico), known publicly as Tempo, is a reggaeton and rap artist.
Tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl or TEMPO is the chemical compound with the formula (CH2)3(CMe2)2NO. This heterocycle is a red-orange, sublimable solid. As a stable radical, it has applications throughout chemistry and biochemistry.Barriga, S.
Tempo is a fictional, African-American mutant villainess in the Marvel Comics universe. She was first introduced as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front in the comic title New Mutants, when Rob Liefeld took over as the penciller of that series. Although she was first allied with villains, she was able to see the error of her ways and retire to a normal life.
In the card game of bridge, tempo refers to the advantage of being on lead, thus having the initiative of developing tricks for one's side The Bridge World Glossary.
The rate or degree of movement in time.
The rate of movements in a given technique.
the rate of military action; controlling or altering that rate is a necessary means to initiative; all military operations alternate between action and pauses as opposing forces battle one another and fight friction to mount and execute operations at the time and place of their choosing.
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Tempo Map Temporary Threshold Shift
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what some conductors have
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This is where a headache begins.
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Good choice for a used car
TEMPO is software for 3D visualization of brain electrical activity written for UNIX like operating systems.
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temporarily, term used in Met reports.
Temporary, temporarily