Definitions for "Chaconne"
An old Spanish dance in moderate three-four measure, like the Passacaglia, which is slower. Both are used by classical composers as themes for variations.
A triple meter dance, originally a dance-song from Latin America, usually in a major mode, often performed at a brisk tempo. In the seventeenth century the chordal patterns associated with the dance became popular as ground bass ostinatos for arias and instrumental variations, sometimes in the minor mode. By the early eighteenth century, the distinction between the chaconne and other ground bass variations were lost, so many chaconnes were called " passacaglia" or "passcaille". [JW; GJC
(Fr.) : A work built on an ostinato bass (or ground bass ), for all intents and purposes the same as the passacaglia . The main reason we continue to use both words is that the Bach D-Minor Partita for solo violin closes with a powerful monster movement he calls chaconne.
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type of cravat made of ribbon dangling from neck to chest.
type of ornamental neck ware made of ribbon that hung from the collar to the chest.
expression of amazement when the orchestra players hear the size of the soprano's fee