Definitions for "Scherzo"
Scherzo is a website management system for musical ensembles, classical or otherwise. It can manage data and corresponding web pages for gigs, repertoire, acclaim, photos, recordings, a blog, and more in a unique, extensible format.
A playful, humorous movement, commonly in 3-4 measure, which often takes the place of the old minuet and trio in a sonata or a symphony.
(Ital. for joke) : A movement type directly descended from the minuet-and-trio and, like the minuet, usually appearing as the third movement of a four-movement instrumental work. Scherzos are most often in rapid 3/4 and frequently light and rhythmically playful. Haydn promoted the notion in some of his string quartets; Beethoven developed the movement-type (Fifth Symphony, movt. III, GP 6 ).
Scherzo is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is the beginning of the "Divergent Universe" saga which continued until The Next Life.