Definitions for "cravat"
A neckcloth; a piece of silk, fine muslin, or other cloth, worn by men about the neck.
A loose kind of cloth that was tied around the neck in a bow, for which gentlemen sometimes labored over to achieve a number of different, much-coveted, effects. Watching Beau Brummel tie his cravat was an experience that even the Regent underwent; and Mr. Brummel was known to spend up to three hours in pursuit of the perfect knot! By the time he finished, there was a large pile of discarded cloths in the dressing room, which his valet referred to as, “our failures.
late 17th century ornamental neckware attributed to the Croatians.
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Cravat is a program for volunteer rescue squads or any Emergency Medical Service to maintain a squad-related database. Postgres or MySQL is used as a backend database. It is extensible through plug-in modules.