Definitions for "kimono"
Keywords:  robe, sleeve, obi, gown, garment
A kind of loose robe or gown tied with a sash, worn as a traditional outer garment by Japanese women and men. Women may wear it with a broad sash called an obi, having a large bow in the back. At present (1998), most Japanese wear it only at home or on ceremonial occasions, western-style clothing being more common in the workplace.
A similar gown worn as a dressing gown by women of Western nations.
Long design like a coat that is tied in the middle and usually with wide sleeves.
To open the Kimono is a particularly tacky bit of IBMspeak meaning to reveal some secret information, usually to customers. A less offensive way of expressing the same notion was to talk about Glasnost and Perestroika – and look what they led to.
Keywords:  sysmon, dht, aim, sip, mozilla
kimono is a network service monitor similar to sysmon. it aims to monitor services to such an extent that an administrator can be certain of its function, and in case of failure, alert in a number of ways. it stores all data in a SQL database.
Kimono is an application that aim to give user peer-to-peer services by a transparent web based interface, and that let developer writing new peer to peer services as an extension of the application.Kimon0 use Mozilla Framework and a SIP DHT library.
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Lapel grab
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a very difficult thing to put on