Definitions for "OBI"
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A sash, esp. the long belt-like broad sash of soft material worn by women aound the waist when wearing a traditional kimono, and usually having a large bow at the back.
( OH-bee) is a belt. It is traditionally worn with one's dogi as part of the complete karate uniform.
sash tied around the waist of our uniforms
A species of sorcery, probably of African origin, practiced among the negroes of the West Indies.
a religious belief of African origin involving witchcraft and sorcery; practiced in parts of the West Indies and tropical Americas
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A charm or fetich.
Outcome Based Investment; FRST-funded long-term research
Outcome-based Investment – performance-based contracts with decisions devolved to the contracting organisation at project level. The contractor may be a lead provider with subcontracts, or some form of provider-provider joint venture collaboration, and may also (but need not) be an entity that includes end-users. The Outcome-based Investment contract will be for the delivery of defined Intermediate Outcomes.
Open Buying on the Internet-a protocol specifying procedures for Internet-based purchasing of commodities, see
pen uying on the nternet tandardization - Purchase management steps on the internet.
The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations provides an ontologically well-engineered, integrated set of generic and domain-specific terms for use by different communities, from across the biosciences, using any of a variety of technologies.
A standard built around a common set of business requirements and supporting technical architecture, specifications, and guidelines. The goal of OBI is to create a standard so companies can integrate their Intranet applications with different vendors' web-enabled applications.
A standard for Internet-based procurement created by a U.S. consortium of vendors formed in October 1996, which released v.1.0 of OBI specification the following year. In 1998, the consortium placed the management of the specification under CommerceNet.
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Coconut. Used in Santería for divination.
An online standard released by American Express and the Internet Purchasing Roundtable to help simplify e-commerce solutions. More and more companies seek to establish themselves as the ONE that comes up with the quintessential solution to transacting on the Net.
Context is: infotech term. Originating Beneficiary Information - the informational portion of a wire (electronic) transfer of funds. It is a necessary and important element, providing the USPTO information as to why the "wire" was sent, by whom, and how to apply the payment.
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An OBI is a paper strip which is usually wrapped around the left corner of the LPs or the CDs. The purpose of the OBI is mainly for the translation of the title into Japanese and to give additional information on the product. See our OBILand? Section for more information about OBIs. Obi-strips are very rare on Japanese items dating from before the late 1960s. Related Links: Electric OBILand
A long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the torso and tied at the back with a special bow. Depending on the social occasion, there are obi of varying lengths, widths and materials. There are also different types of bows used for different occasions.
A decorative band design, stitched or wrapped around the equator, which divides one half from the other.
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Omni-Bearing Indicator
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See open-back inclinable press.
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