Definitions for "T-shirt"
Keywords:  shirt, sleeves, tee, elbow, neck
a close-fitting pullover shirt
a great thing, as is a man's button up shirt
a heavyweight cotton tee with the domain name logo on front and the full logo on the back
a staple for any man or woman
a staple for every woman's wardrobe, and a must-have item during your pregnancy
a staple in any child's wardrobe
a 'polo' in Hungarian and a 'ten(n)iska' in Bulgarian and Russian
a deceptively simple thing, but so many factors can lead to its failure as a piece of clothing
an equivalent of yukata , a simple kimono that is considered iki, in its use as casual wear, its material (cotton), and its simplicity
Keywords:  confronting, medium
a confronting medium
Keywords:  commemorate, great, idea, let, later
a great idea, but let's commemorate Bill in a way that reflects who he was
a great item for later in the game
a good way to contribute financially to the campaign, attract attention to the website and last but not least, put clothes on your back
Keywords:  choice, sun, good, protection
a good choice for sun protection
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Capitalize the "T."