Definitions for "Bustier"
Keywords:  strapless, bra, waist, lingerie, garter
A top that is designed to add shape to the bustline. Usually it is has no straps and paneled with elastic and plastic.
Constructed with boning throughout, usually with lacing &/or a full length row of small hook & eye closures, this is one garment that takes time to put on. The garment starts just under the breast line, to the waist, usually cinching the waist in. Some have garters for stockings, which are often detachable, so that the lady has the option of hosiery. Adored by those who love vintage looks, these are pretty things which shape, but are most definitely great gifts.
a bra that extends to the waist, a bosom-to-hip corset-style garment, usually trimmed in lavish lace. Often has detachable garters, flexible boning, optional shoulder straps, and a lace-up closing. It's purpose is to provide shape to the waist (sexy) and bust support (very sexy). Sizes are based on the wearer's bra size. This garment is usually worn by a woman for the visual enjoyment of the man in her life.
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a kind of shirt