Definitions for "Corset"
In the Middle Ages, a gown or basque of which the body was close fitting, worn by both men and women.
An article of dress inclosing the chest and waist worn (chiefly by women) to support the body or to modify its shape; stays.
The fashionable size for a waist in the 1800â€(tm)s was alleged to be eighteen inches. A corset was the device used to attain this width or something close to it. It consisted of two halves, reinforced with whalebone that got hooked together in front and then laced up in back. Compressing all that flesh into a small area was not always an easy job. The corset was one reason women needed a ladyâ€(tm)s maid - someone to stand behind them to pull the laces tight.
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a wonderful present
a wonderful thing - invented by the devil, but a wonderful thing
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To inclose in corsets.
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same as CORPS PIQUE.
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a piece of lingerie
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a perfect gift for Valentines
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Lumbar brace made from textile material.
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This term hasn't been defined yet
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a body forming item and requires a bit more tinkering to put it on
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dress with a corset
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an investment that you can enjoy for years to come