Definitions for "mantle"
The external fold, or folds, of the soft, exterior membrane of the body of a mollusk. It usually forms a cavity inclosing the gills. See Illusts. of Buccinum, and Byssus.
Any free, outer membrane.
The outer wall and casing of a blast furnace, above the hearth.
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A loose garment to be worn over other garments; an enveloping robe; a cloak.
a covering or concealing envelope.
To cover or envelop, as with a mantle; to cloak; to hide; to disguise.
A mantel. See Mantel.
A technique wherein a climber grasps a hold waist-level and powers the body upward with minimal assistance from the feet. (From "mantelpiece.")
Shelf over a fireplace.
is the part of an oyster's anatomy that secretes nacre. Tiny tissue fragments are used to stimulate pearl formation in pearl culturing.
Mantle tissue is the soft tissue found in an oyster and is the medium for the cells that start the production of conchiolin and nacre. In cultured pearls, a round bead is inserted into the oyster with a piece of mantle tissue. In the unique irregular shaped freshwater cultured pearls, mantle tissue alone is implanted into the oyster. These are known as “tissue graft” or “non-nucleated” cultured pearls.
Implanted along with a mother of pearl bead in the host oyster. Also called the nucleus, this mantle carries the cells of nacre that begin the pearl growth process.
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The back of a bird together with the folded wings.
To unfold and spread out the wings, like a mantle; -- said of hawks. Also used figuratively.
To spread out; -- said of wings.
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A lace-like hood or envelope (sack) of some refractory material which, when placed in position over a flame, gives light by incandescence.
The mantle is where the paraffin burns producing a strong white light. Although originally made of fabric [TODO: what fabric exactly] after its first use it turns to ash and is therefore very delicate. Even the slightest nudge with the fingers can damage a used mantle so take great care handling a dismantled lantern.
A fine bag fixed around a gas flame in a lamp to produce a bright glow.
To spread over the surface as a covering; to overspread; as, the scum mantled on the pool.
To gather, assume, or take on, a covering, as froth, scum, etc.
a cloth covering which protects and beautifies the scroll. In Hebrew, m'eel. The mantle is often made of fine fabrics of velvet, and is commonly decorated with lions, tablets, and crowns along with other Jewish symbols. Sometimes an inscription of the donor appears.
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Difficult balancing move useful to get up on ledges.
A hand-foot match in which the body rocks on to a ledge similar to the motion you would use to get out of a swimming pool.
A move where the hands are used to push down on a Hold. Similar to getting out of a swimming pool.
Maya Meaning Meaning-side Meaning-mode Meaningless Meaning-totality Mediated Meditation Metaphor Metaphysical Metastasis Micro/macrocosm Modality Mode Moment Moral Monism Moralism Movement Multiplicity
Taken from Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
Portion of the valve, differentiated by slope, that is apparent in girdle view (oriented to the apical plane).
A sloped area of soils used with a raised leaching bed to create an additional filtering area downstream from the perforated pipes.
The dark hair on the shoulders, back, and sides.
A circular drape of cloth or mail worn over the upper body. Covers the shoulders and upper chest and arms, and has a central head hole.
Dark-shaded portion of the coat on shoulders, back, and sides.
main part of the body of a squid, like the trunk of a human. It contains most of the organ systems: reproductive, digestive, respiratory, circulatory (gills and heart), as well as the ink sac.
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A penstock for a water wheel.
Realm created by a tryst for immortal use, linked to a dimension.
WEIGHT Decoration intended to be view from the side on a mantle, usually footed, see image at Devil's Fire GGNJ, Pl.14
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region between the back and the nape.
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United States baseball player (1931-1997)
Shading heavier than that of tipped varieties, but not as heavy as smoke, giving the impression of a darker mantle over a white base coat.
hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
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Short for mantleshelf.
Same as Mantling.