Definitions for "Secondaries"
Flight feathers, smaller than the primaries, occurring in series along rear edge of wing between scapulars, inward of primaries.
Feathers attached to the "forearm" of the wing inside the primaries. They are shorter and broader than primaries, and are used in soaring and braking.
flight feathers on upper part of wing, smaller than primaries
The (re)occurence of a tumour at another site. The cancer spreads through the blood stream or the lymphatic system.
New tumours, or metastases, which are formed because of cancer cells from the original tumour have broken off and been carried to other parts of the body in the bloodstream. Some lymphoma treatments have been linked to a small likelihood of secondary malignancies including solid tumours and leukemia.
Refers to a metastasis, a malignant tumor that has spread from a primary cancer to elsewhere in the body.
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Issues of securities for companies that are already public. This section under the IPO Calendar tracks secondaries by symbol, name, manager (by brokerage initials), date, filing price, current price and percent change. Companies would issue a secondary offering to raise capital.
Output side of transformer. Low-voltage lines, 120/240 volt for residential, 120/240, 120/208, 244/480, and 277/408 volt for commercial, that carry power from the transformer to the poles nearby.