Definitions for "Ascender"
The upper stem of a lower case letter, as in b, d and .
In typography, the parts of lowercase letters that rise above the x-height of the font, e.g. b, d, f, h, k, I, and t.
The part of a lowercase letter which extends above the x-height. Another name for a spacing character.
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A rope gripping device, which when attached to a rope of appropriate diameter, will lock under load in one direction and slip freely in the opposite direction. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
a piece of gear that allows the climber to ascend a rope; when attached to the rope, it grips in one direction (down) and slides in the other (up)
The last member of a climbing party or line of hikers.
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See jammer.
High altitude sub-orbital demonstrator designed to carry passengers to the edge of space from Bristol Spaceplanes
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someone who ascends