Definitions for "Lettering"
Embroidery using letters or words. Lettering, commonly called "keyboard lettering," may be created from circuit boards that allow variance of letter style, size, height, density, and other characteristics. Letterpress printing Printing method in which ink is carried on a raised surface to the page or object being printed.
letters inscribed (especially words engraved or carved) on something
arched (artista & aurora) Embroidery of lettering on one of 6 curved baselines.
All the original printed inscriptions on the print relating to the image, such as "inventit"', "impressit", copyright, perhaps even the original dealer's name, etc.
Any inscription or legend on any part of the coin, including the rim or edge, usully excluding lettering which forms the main design such as a cypher or monogram.
The alphabet characters used in creating legends, mottos, and other inscriptions on a coin.
The act or business of making, or marking with, letters, as by cutting or painting.
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The letters made; as, the lettering of a sign.