Definitions for "TLA"
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Acronym for "temporal lobe activity".
Acronym for three-letter acronym. Tongue-in-cheek abbreviation used when buzzword or acronym levels are getting a bit too high.
Three Letter Acronym (internet acronym)
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clw djb lc
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Teledata Licence (Australia) Pty Ltd Company established by the National Electrical Contractor's Association (NECA) to manage administration of cabler licensing.
Tribunal Latinoamericano del Agua
Teen Living Assessment. See: Teen Parents
Theatre of the Living Arts
Total Living Area. This term reflects the approximate total living area of a home in square feet. This amount includes the main and upper floor area. In a split level house, this amount includes the area of the third level.
Total laboratory automation. A system product that uses a specimen transport device to connect a number of analytical devices. In conjunction with a testing information system it enables automation and streamlining of laboratory testing.
Temporary lodging allowance. The allowance received when arriving at an overseas base that offsets some of the expense of temporary housing and meals. The amount of the TLA depends upon variables that include family size, the... read full article
Netspeak for abbreviations of internet words‚ such as ‘ISP’‚ ‘SSL’ – or ‘TLA’ itself.
Top Level Aggregate
Top-Level Aggregation Identifiers. Bit boundaries are divided by TLAs. A "sub-TLA" area of 13 bits, with a reserved 6 bits, has been designated for initial allocations, which will be made on a "slow start" of a sub-TLA, e.g., a /35 block.
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Territorial Local Authority