Definitions for "lowercase"
Pertaining to, or kept in, the lower case; -- used to denote the small letters, in distinction from capitals and small capitals; as, lowercase letters a and b and c etc.. Contrasted with uppercase. See the Note under 1st Case, n., 3.
A term applied to letters of the alphabet that are not capitalized.
As opposed to Uppercase, Lowercase letters take the form of a,b,c instead of A,B,C. Programs that are 'case-sensitive' can differentiate between upper and lowercase.
Originally coined by minimal artist Steve Roden, lowercase is an extreme form of ambient minimalism in which very quiet sounds bookend long stretches of silence. Roden started the movement with an album entitled Forms of Paper, in which he made recordings of himself handling paper in various ways. These recordings were actually commissioned by the Hollywood branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.