Definitions for "Chiton"
An under garment among the ancient Greeks, nearly representing the modern shirt.
A type of dress worn by both women and men in Ancient Greece. There were several styles, but typically the chiton was a tube of material, either linen or light wool, half again as long as the height of the person. The tube slipped over the head and was girted (belted) at the waist. The excess was doubled over to fall over the breast and fastened at one or both shoulders with clasps.
originally a type of linen, then a tunic of that cloth, and then a tunic in any sort of cloth. Essentially an undergarment, held over both shoulders by a fibula.
One of a group of gastropod mollusks, with a shell composed of eight movable dorsal plates. See Polyplacophora.
primitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates
(kït' n) a small oval-shaped mollusk with a shell of eight overlapping plates covering its back.