Definitions for "Lunette"
A fieldwork consisting of two faces, forming a salient angle, and two parallel flanks. See Bastion.
Any surface of semicircular or segmental form; especially, the piece of wall between the curves of a vault and its springing line.
A broad, low-lying, typically crescent-shaped mound of sandy or loamy matter that is formed by the wind, especially along the windward side of a lake basin.
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An iron shoe at the end of the stock of a gun carriage.
a raised firing platform built into the perimeter of a fort to allow guns to fire directly at an attacking force.
A ring at the end of the trail of a field piece, which fits over the pintle and is keyed into place to hold the limber and carriage together during transportation.
A half horseshoe, which lacks the sponge.
Carved decoration in the form of a semicircle resembling a half-moon (hence its name), especially found on early oak furniture. Can appear in repeated bands or can be intersected, and can be embellished with foliate or other decoration. [Home] [--] [A-to-Z
Decoration (panel, overlay, motif, etc.) shaped like a half-moon.
A kind of watch crystal which is more than ordinarily flattened in the center; also, a species of convexoconcave lens for spectacles.
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A piece of felt to cover the eye of a vicious horse.