Definitions for "Patera"
Keywords:  libation, shallow, pour, saucer, roman
A saucerlike vessel of earthenware or metal, used by the Greeks and Romans in libations and sacrifices.
a saucer for libations
a shallow libation bowl, a badge of the pontifices of Rome and a common decorative motif in religious contexts
Keywords:  rosette, ornament, frieze, oval, bas
A circular ornament, resembling a dish, often worked in relief on friezes, and the like.
Paterae (pl.)] Flat ornament, usually a square four-petalled flower, or four-lobed leaf, used in cornice, frieze and mouldings. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 413)
Paterae in the plural, are round or oval inlaid or overlaid panels of classical origin, often made in different coloured timbers or carved and painted.