Definitions for "Volute"
A spiral scroll which forms the chief feature of the Ionic capital, and which, on a much smaller scale, is a feature in the Corinthian and Composite capitals. See Illust. of Capital, also Helix, and Stale.
A spiral turn, as in certain shells.
A horizontal scrolled termination to the handrail of a stair.
Keywords:  peghead, carved, neck, curving, raised
A raised curving area carved in the back of an instrument neck at the base of the peghead.
Keywords:  coil, wound, loops, series, something
a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops; "a coil of rope"
in the shape of a coil
Keywords:  syn, casing
syn casing.
Keywords:  adj, rolled
(L. voluta: volute) adj. Rolled up. Also voluted.
Any voluta.