Definitions for "Consecration"
The act or ceremony of consecrating; the state of being consecrated; dedication.
a special service of dedication or ordination; a church [without debt] may be consecrated-- made holy to God's purposes; a service by which an ordained person becomes a bishop.
The act, process, or ceremony of making something sacred. This typically involves cleansing and a ritual dedication toward some specific purpose.
A process of cleansing an object and blessing it in the names of the Goddess and/or God for Magickal/religious use.
The act of cleansing and blessing an object or place by charging it with positive energy.
usually goes hand-in-hand with cleansing. Consecration is the act of blessing an object and/or charging it with positive energy. For example, I would cleanse my stones in running river water and then consecrate them with an oil blend.
Consciously turning your life over to Christ.