Definitions for "Sleeves"
Sleeves are tubular inserts placed into the engine block to serve as the cylinder bore. This allows complete replacement of the cylinder bore without reboring the block to a larger size. Sleeves can be either wet or dry. Wet sleeves are inserted directly into the engine's water jacket to allow for more effecient cooling of the cylinder. Dry sleeves are inserted into a cast bore in the engine block, requiring a thermal transfer between the sleeve and the engine block, and the engine block and the coolant.
Piping or conduit under hardscape provided for irrigation system piping or wiring. Generally sized 2 sizes larger than irrigation piping required.
Shrinkable tubing with a solder preform used for highest reliability connections or shield Grounding.
Corrugated envelopes used for the individual packaging of tempered glass.
Keywords:  prongs, boots, meters, socket, plastic
Also known as boots. Plastic devices which cover the meter prongs preventing the flow of electricity. Used to turn off socket-type meters.