Definitions for "Packaging"
Like its name implies, packaging means the materials that hold a product. For example, when you buy eggs, they come in cardboard cartons. Those cartons are the packaging.
Any material which contains food or other products, and is used to transport, protect, and provide information about those contents.
The packaging of stainless steel tubes may be executed in various ways; the most common packaging types are: cardboard tube, box, bundle and foil.
Putting the elements of talent (actors, director, (rewriter, name producer) together on a project to make it a more attractive property.
Similar to the Marquee Value of a film, it is the combination of the reputations of the major stars and creative personnel. This is used to gain investment dollars and pre-sales to distributors.
Still a term most professionals link to television development, packaging is the linking of external elements such as directors, actors, and other writers, to a project without an offer. Since bad scripts, even with solid offers backing them, usually find it hard to attract major stars, automatic credibility comes with a project garnering artist support without money. With each new major element attached, the project moves closer to production, making it a more valuable commodity. Large agencies, management companies, and producers with artist relationships take special advantage of this process, as they can provide direct links from projects to talent. As the role of studios, distributors, and financiers shift, packaging an element to an existing piece of material becomes an even more important process.
The process whereby a financial aid officer determines the financial aid awards and amounts for which the student is eligible each year. The amounts are subject to change from year to year, and within any given year if factors affecting eligibility change.
The process of assembling one or more financial aid awards of loans, grants and/or scholarships, and employment for a student; also referred to as award packaging.
The process of combining various types of student aid (loans, scholarships, and employment) to attempt to meet full amount of student's need.
a tradable certificate to demonstrate that a company has complied with Environment Agency regulations to recycle and recover an individually specified tonnage of packaging waste
The encapsulation of DNA by viral coat proteins.
a key step during the replication of herpesvirus and many double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) bacteriophages
Assembly of data, process, interface, and geography design specifications for each module.
The process of grouping competencies into combinations which have a meaning and purpose related to work functions and needs in an industry or enterprise
The process of combining merchandize for distribution in accordance with a pick order.
A collective term that covers a swathe of technologies for encasing semiconductor chips and creating electrical and other links between integrated circuits and the "outside world."
a manufacturers rep firm covering Northern California and Nevada
a world leading manufacturer and supplier of customer
The assembly of one or more containers and any other components necessary to ensure minimum compliance with a program's storage and shipment packaging requirements. Also, the containers, etc. involved.
A coordinated system for the preparation of goods for shipment, distribution and storage.
the completion of emergency care procedures needed for transferring a patient from the scene to an ambulance.
the business of packaging; "the packaging of new ideas"; "packaging for transport"
The operations involved in the preparation of objects for transportation, storage and delivery to user. The term embraces Preservation, Marking and Packing.
The lines and labels used in tables and figures (see Content). Small amounts are needed to help interpret content, but large amounts obscure content 56, 57
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A covering for an item that is not a useful part of the item and is thrown away after opening.
Transfer of both real estate and personal property. Alternately, the putting together of a group of properties to be sold together, possibly at a discount price because several items are bought in combination.
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Term used to describe applications that collect together images, documents and fonts into one place, ready to be sent to an output bureau.
A general term used to describe the manner in which something is presented to the public.
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The paper and board used for wrapping or packing goods.