Definitions for "Press Kit"
A package of materials put together for the media. Usually a folder containing press releases, product announcements, and other materials.
A collection of editorial and promotional materials distributed to the media about a person, product, or company. Journalists use these materials to learn about the subject. Michael J. Motto Public Relations has found that a concise, well-written press kit is an invaluable aid in generating print media publicity. Increasingly, audio and videotaped press kits are used to solicit radio and TV journalists' attention.
a collection of related information to provide the media with background on a particular organization or event
a band or artist's way of providing those unfamiliar with your music pertinent information about your bands history, your current release, and sales information regarding the product you are trying to sell
a series of information, about a band or hired musician, that is given to promoters, venues, radio stations, or even record labels to get your music heard and to potentially help advance your musical career
A collection of publicity items that includes: 1) Pertinent data on the meeting, such as agenda, historical data, guest speakers, special events, etc. The property, such as photos, descriptions of public space areas, local entertainment, etc. 2) Information relative to a sponsor's products or services.
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