Definitions for "Biography"
The written history of a person's life.
An account of a person's life, actions and impact. To find one in the catalog, enter the person's name as a subject search.
A history of a person's life.
a complete, nuanced portrait of the greatest Hollywood star in cinema history
a must have for all fans of Gene Tierney and classic Hollywood in general
an exceptional, evenhanded portrait of an undeniably strong leader's strengths and weaknesses
Biographies provide information about notable people's careers, lives and their achievements.
A one-page biography is often more effective than a resume. A resume tell who you are or wereCnot who you want to be. So the bio helps you to the extent that you are changing career directions. The subtext of virtually any resume is: "Please help me. I'm desperate. I need a job." Consequently, a one page bio has more dignity than a resume, and does not carry the implied desperation or neediness, a poor stance for negotiation purposes.
Biography is a Greatest Hits collection from the Rochdale diva, includesher number 1 hit 'All Around The World' as well as 'All Woman', 'This Is The Right Time' and the single which launched her career 'People Hold On' with Coldcut.
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
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Biography was a documentary television program. Originally produced by CBS in 1962 and hosted by Mike Wallace, the A&E Network later re-ran it and has produced new episodes since 1987. The series has featured biographies on such people as Elvis Presley, Plácido Domingo, Pope John Paul II, Enrico Caruso, Diego Rivera, Mick Foley, Mao Zedong, and Queen Elizabeth II, and fictional characters like The Phantom.
a bulky (best to read it while placed on a table or other support), intensely researched effort that provides more details about Jung than probably anyone other than his most ardent acolytes will be interested in learning
a compulsive read
a mixed bag read
a work of erudition and compassion, nimbly capturing the spirit of one of the world's great cities as it survives one epoch, one political regime, one religious dynasty after another
a living and breathing thing
a massive and comprehensive study of the artist who for a time lived in the same French Catalan village as O'Brian and with whom he was acquainted
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a Doctoral Candidate in the Graduate School of Information Science and Policy, State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany, New York, USA
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a scholarly attempt to surf the wave of interest in this saint
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a brief "commercial" about yourself
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a re-release of the J
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Biographical writings in general.
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a searching and balanced work
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a case in point
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Top Rated