Definitions for "Storytelling"
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Storytelling is an album by Belle & Sebastian. It is the score to the Todd Solondz movie Storytelling. Belle & Sebastian experienced many notable problems in communication with Solondz whilst scoring the movie, and as such only about 6 minutes of music by them was actually used in the movie itself.
Storytelling is a 2001 film, directed by Todd Solondz. It features original music by Belle & Sebastian, later compiled on an album of the same name.
a dramatic convention in which a story is presented through action, dialogue, and narration (by an external narrator or by characters within the drama)
The act of telling a story orally without the use of text.
(sto•ry•tell•ing) n. – the art of telling or writing stories, usually of historical or cultural value.
Using your past and your experiences to explain to others why you believe what you believe and to describe what is important to you.
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