Definitions for "Description"
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The description of a web site in a directory or search engine. Human-edited web directories usually compose a description after reviewing the site and from your suggestion during the submission process. Google often displays the meta description tag embedded in your page source code in their results to describe your page.
This meta tag is a description of your site. This is a description of your site that is attached to your index page. Use descriptive words and avoid filler words such as the, at, in, etc. Your description can be up to 150 characters long to considered to be search engine friendly.
string Simple A free-text description of the code if necessary. Not intended for automated processing.
A rhetorical strategy using details perceivable by the senses to portray a scene, object, performance, and so on.
the part of a treaty that describes in general terms where a boundary is to be established. The actual location of the boundary is later decided by a boundary commission working with detailed maps, and later still by surveyors placing boundary markers on the land.
Sensory (5 senses) details which create a picture in the reader's mind. eg. "The table was brown and took up the whole room."
The Dublin Core element used to designate a textual description of the content of the resource. See also section 4 of the Dublin Core Users Guide.
(1) In records management, the process of giving a written account of the contents and characteristics of a record series or system.(2) In archives administration, the process of preparing finding aids. See also INVENTORY (3).
The act of establishing intellectual control over records by identifying their contents, important subjects, and historical significance. Records are described in finding aids.
a composition in writing or speech that gives a verbal picture of character and event, including the setting in which they occur. Cp. argumentation.
K,1 One of the four traditional forms of composition in speech and writing that gives a verbal picture of a character and an event, including the setting in which they occur.
verbal description of what a landscape looks like. This is usually carried out in a systematic manner, but it may also include personal reactions to the landscape.
A statement of the features of a taxon (or its component organisms), not limited to those that distinguish it from other taxa with which it might be confused (see "diagnosis").
Provides additional recorded information describing the test specimen..
A statement of the attributes of a specimen or taxon
Also known as "Legal Description". The manner in which a piece of land is identified. May involve metes and bounds measurements using astronomic bearings or may simply set out Lot and Plan numbers in a specific municipality. Most jurisdictions require description of land to be included in all instruments to be registered on title to that property.
The exact location of a piece of real property stated in terms of lot, block, tract, part lot, metes and bounds, recorded instruments, or U.S. Government survey (sectionalized). This is also referred to as legal description of property.
A brief description of the role that the gene plays in the cell, or a general description of the gene product.
A brief synopsis of the advertisement.
This is a brief description of the subject property. The description may include the term ‘ and premises ’. This is a Valuation Office convention intended to describe parts of a property not adequately covered by the main description that precedes it. It does not necessarily imply that this property has additional premises.
A sketch or account of anything in words; a portraiture or representation in language; an enumeration of the essential qualities of a thing or species.
A class to which a certain representation is applicable; kind; sort.
an abstract representation of a physical system
explanation of the drug, its use and ingredients.
The final portion of each Survey Report where the agent typed an explanation of the manuscripts examined in the foreign repository for that report. Descriptions derive from an agent's firsthand examination of the documents themselves rather than finding aids.
An explanation of something
A short field in the Detail Inventory Table where descriptors are placed, ie: short, square, large, old, round, oval, etc.
If you like, you can enter a description for your table in the Description field. A description can help you keep track of the various tables you create.
an aggregation of fields
The Worldwatch Institute is dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society--one in which human needs are met in ways that do not threaten the health of the natural environment or the prospects of future generations. The Institute seeks to achieve this goal through the conduct of inter-disciplinary non-partisan research on emerging global environmental issues, the results of which are widely disseminated throughout the world.
Background info on the unit
You can add a description to any playitem. It will display in the contents panel to help access the photo you want, when being played it will display in the info block at the bottom of screen, and when you print a playlist, a report is generated containing playitem names and descriptions.
a (hopefully objective and reasonably accurate) report or account of an experience or observation
A word picture of a person, place, situation, or scene Objective Description is description limited to what a disinterested observer would see and hear, unfiltered by the observer's thoughts and emotions. (b) Subjective Description is description colored and shaped by the thoughts and emotions of an interested observer.
an account that presents a picture to a person who reads or hears it
a) The part of a trademark or design application that explains the characteristics of the trademark or design. b) The part of a patent application that contains instructions that would inform a skilled person how to make or use the invention.(FR:Description)
The description is the part of a patent application contained in the specification that contains instructions that would inform a skilled person how to make or use the invention.
a combination of symbol strings that when considered by an individual evokes mental impressions
Discourse to present factual information about an object or experience (objective description) or to report the impression or evaluation of an object or experience (subjective description).
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Two more anagrams.
a complete listing of all the fungus' features
a list composed of the define token, a name (identifier), and some slots
On a Marywood University records retention schedule, a list of representative records in the records series, or a clarification of the title.
Type in a description of the item that you are selling. Explain the color, size, quality, etc. of the item. Give enough information about your item so that a potential buyer has the confidence to bid. More information is definitely better.
In the Bid/Estimate, the description of the specific Line Item being quoted. This could be a single Part like a baluster, or a complex Unit like an entry. The Description will tell you what is covered in the Line Item.
The type of item do you need the quote for. (book, brochure, catalog)
A list of all the literal things the viewer observes in a work of art.
a collection of property values and relationships that apply to some thing (in the most general sense), specifying the nature of the thing such that it may be identified
A description consists of an enumeration of the quantitative and qualitative parameters which seek to provide a definition of some thing, such as what that thing looks like, sounds like, or feels like. A complete description allows for not merely defining but distinguishing one state from another and general characteristics commonly noticed which in popular culture define or distinguish something. It can represent subtle differences in states.
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Adding a Workgroup
Vendor-defined descriptive attribute for products and filesets. A paragraph description of the product or fileset.
an optional attribute of a BE that can be of any format or length
a part of the value of a menu attribute
a very good idea
Where there is a sale of goods by description, it is a term of the contract that the goods correspond with the description; otherwise the buyer may reject the goods. A sale is by description where the buyer cannot verify the description of the goods before sale (e.g. tinned goods).
It is a statutory implied contract term that goods sold by description must correspond with that description. The term may be excluded by the seller in a business-to-business sale if to do so would be reasonable.
The act of describing; a delineation by marks or signs.
A special feature of JP Software command processors. A string of characters may be assigned to describe a file, using the DESCRIBE command, typically stored in the file DESCRIPT.ION in the same directory as the file itself.
The two lines statement that tries to describe the features of the site or the products/services being offered by the website.
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Refers to ala carte item description. The description is user defined, appears on reports and on the terminal display.
a list of characters with corresponding criteria
documentation of a fact that responds to a question in the criteria
a proposition that states how some schema characterizes some aspect or configuration of a continuant
Information that describes the data, such as an abstract.
A description is a basic requirement of an application for an industrial design. It identifies the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament that distinguish the design, and indicates whether the design resides in the entire article or a portion.
The portion of a conveyance document which defines the property being transferred.
The process of emphasizing identifying and naming what we see over making judgments about what we see.
A legal identification of land or premises.
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sort or variety; "every description of book was there"
a summary of the intentions with which the data set was developed
Information provided to help others understand the nature of the activity, process, organization unit, resource, role or material.
a set of descriptors which can be reasoned about, compared, constructed, and taken apart
Formal or legal description of property and its dimensions included in deeds, leases, sales contracts, etc.
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Type your request.
a type of writing that demands that you use your senses
authorities, and working relationships associated with a position or entity to be occupied and performed by one person.
a statement that represents something in words
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The Description property returns a short description of the error.
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a set of regular expressions
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See ordering abbreviation.
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The company name or mutual fund name.
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a statement about the way the world is-such as A and B are related, A causes B, P is a property of A, or A and B differ on property P
a set of information which represents the resource