Definitions for "Comprehension"
The act of comprehending, containing, or comprising; inclusion.
That which is comprehended or inclosed within narrow limits; a summary; an epitome.
The capacity of the mind to perceive and understand; the power, act, or process of grasping with the intellect; perception; understanding; as, a comprehension of abstract principles.
Keywords:  tensor, aha, idea, inertial, thought
The sum total of all the attributes or thought-elements which constitute the idea in its representation of a thing. Synonyms: Implication; connotation, intent; intension.
By Primary Consciousness of itself. The resultant processes generated by such Inertial Will upon itself is the “Thinking within the Quantum Mind” of Primary Consciousness. Such processing is the “Thought to Action” function, the “Auto-Thought” of the compounding Tensor Field emanating as “Existence” within our unique view.
The step which places information within the internal world of Teacher thought. If a new Teacher theory has stronger emotions than existing Teacher memories, then comprehension will be involuntary. Involuntary comprehension is often responsible for the mental ‘aha'—in which the ‘light suddenly goes on' internally.
A pretesting measure to determine whether messages are clearly understood.
The complement of attributes which make up the notion signified by a general term.
A figure by which the name of a whole is put for a part, or that of a part for a whole, or a definite number for an indefinite.