Definitions for "Congruence"
A term coined by Walt Freitag for play which merges two or more GNS modes. As he puts it: "A congruent decision is a decision made by a participant (GM or player) during play that cannot, on the basis of the visible behavior resulting from the decision, be categorized as belonging to a specific mode of decision-making enumerated by the underlying model. In the context of the GNS model there are exactly four possible congruencies, representing the four combinations of two or more modes for which a decision may be ambiguous." Others have disagreed over whether sustained congruent play is possible. References: GNS and "Congruency"
The relationship between two geometric shapes having the same size and shape ( congruent shapes)
The relationship between two objects that have exactly the same size and shape.
Consistent alignment and fitting together of different parts (i) personal congruence - alignment of beliefs, values, skills and actions, being in rapport with oneself, (ii) messenger - message congruence - when the trainer is an embodiment and model of the skills or values she is training, (iii) alignment congruence - when all parts of your communication - words, voice and body language - give the same message.
When goals, thought and behaviors are in agreement.
State of being unified, and completely sincere, with all aspects of a person working together toward an outcome” (O'Connor, 230). “When goals, thoughts and behavior are in agreement” (Andreas, 332).
In general relativity, a congruence (more properly, a congruence of curves) is the set of integral curves of a (nowhere vanishing) vector field in a four-dimensional Lorentzian manifold which is interpreted physically as a model of spacetime. Often this manifold will be taken to be an exact or approximate solution to the Einstein field equation.
In the theory of smooth manifolds, a congruence is the set of integral curves defined by a nonvanishing vector field defined on the manifold.
Symbol used to describe numbers in modular arithmetic that are equivalent to each other. These numbers have the same remainder when divided by the modulus. In mod 10, for example, 23133.
The matching of verbal and nonverbal communication to what the sender is thinking and feeling. [12
The degree to which there is a match between components of an instructional plan.
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a doubly infinite system of lines
Suitableness of one thing to another; agreement; consistency.
the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate
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having all parts of yourself working in harmony; being at one with yourself.
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