Definitions for "Isometry"
A distance preserving transformation.
A transformation that maps every segment to a congruent segment. Also called a congruence mapping.
If (''M''1, ''d''1) and (''M''2, ''d''2) are metric spaces, an isometry from ''M''1 to ''M''2 is a function ''f'' : ''M''1 → ''M''2 such that ''d''2(''f''(''x''), ''f''(''y'')) = ''d''1(''x'', ''y'') for all ''x'', ''y'' in ''M''1. Every isometry is injective, although not every isometry is surjective.
equality of elevation above sea level
equality of measure (e.g., equality of height above sea level or equality of loudness etc.)
the growth rates in different parts of a growing organism are the same