Definitions for "Messages"
Messages (general agency notes) allow you to create, update, view or delete a general note that is unrelated to a specific client or policy. By assigning them to someone else in the agency, a message pops up on their computer when they have a new message. In addition to messages you type, automatic documentation is made in the Notes section of the message when it has been reassigned, moved, or has the reminder date cleared.
Asynchronous requests, reports, or events that are consumed by JMS clients. A message has a header (to which additional fields can be added) and a body. The message header specifies standard fields and optional properties. The message body contains the data that is being transmitted.
A portion of each session is set aside to formally receive and record communications from the opposite chamber (these primarily deal with bills and resolutions which have been acted upon). Messages also includes those communications of record received from the Governor pertaining to appointments, executive orders, signing bills and vetoes.
A module used for communicating with other users of the system. Messages can be either Regular Messages or Bulletin Board Messages.
Physical blocks of data communicated between NCP's
Messages -- strings of text -- are generated throughout the YGOR programs to describe all types of expected and unexpected events. All messages from all YGOR programs are sent via ethernet to a single program (currently messageMux). Every message has associated with it a severity level as well as what device produced the error, when the error occurred and when it was cleared.
Agreed words or statements that a client wants to convey to third parties, such as the media or shareholders.
agreed words or statements that a client wants to convey to third parties, like the media or shareholders, for example.
Unread Read Flagged for follow-up Message missing or no longer viewable. Responded to Forwarded // Question has been asked and answered/Question has not been answered.
a positive validation of the XML schemas our members work hard to create and provides credibility between trading partners and to the traveling public
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See private messages or instant messenger.
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See Impacts.
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Collective term for e-mail messages and news articles