Definitions for "Error"
A wandering; a roving or irregular course.
A wandering or deviation from the right course or standard; irregularity; mistake; inaccuracy; something made wrong or left wrong; as, an error in writing or in printing; a clerical error.
A mistake in the proceedings of a court of record in matters of law or of fact.
A departing or deviation from the truth; falsity; false notion; wrong opinion; mistake; misapprehension.
A moral offense; violation of duty; a sin or transgression; iniquity; fault.
The difference between the approximate result and the true result; -- used particularly in the rule of double position.
When a fielder misplays a ball hit at him, which under normal circumstances would result in an out.
Each misplay which prolongs the time at bat of a batter or which prolongs the life of a runner, or which permits a runner to advance one or more bases (from Rule 10.13). Errors are not defined in the rules as an event (like a base hit), but as a decision of the official scorer.
In baseball, an error is the act, in the judgment of the official scorer, of a fielder misplaying a ball in a manner that allows a batter or baserunner to reach one or more additional bases, when such an advance should have been prevented given ordinary effort by the fielder. An error may not be charged on a foul ball, as the pitcher is in a better situation, with an extra strike against the batter, than he had been before the play.
From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 ( 2004-02-04) A violation of the rules of this specification; results are undefined. Unless otherwise specified, failure to observe a prescription of this specification indicated by one of the keywords MUST, REQUIRED, MUST NOT, SHALL and SHALL NOT is an error. Conforming software MAY detect and report an error and MAY recover from it.
From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 ( 2000-10-06) A violation of the rules of this specification; results are undefined. Conforming software may detect and report an error and may recover from it.
From XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes ( 2001-05-02) A violation of the rules of this specification; results are undefined. Conforming software detect and report an error and recover from it.
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The Error for a particular match forecast is the difference between the forecast margin and the actual match result. For example, if Sydney is forecast to defeat Brisbane by 13 points, but Brisbane wins by 11, then the Error is 24.
The difference between the setpoint signal and the feedback signal (process variable). Error can be specified as SP-PV or as PV-SP. In a motion control system, error is specified as the difference between the command signal and the feedback signal.
In the context of GIS this means the difference between the real world and its digital representation.
The failure to return a reasonably playable ball.
Failure to convert a spare. Also called a blow, miss or open.
(baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed
This occurs in a program when it encounters a situation that it was not programmed to deal with. If errors are trapped properly, they can be dealt with...
a condition or situation that is invalid. Errors may occur during compilation, linking, or execution. An error in compilation prevents linking. An error in linking prevents the production of an icode file. An error that occurs during execution is called a run-time error. See also error conversion.
An exceptional situation that prevents a program from executing normally without some form of intervention.
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What you made when you first walked into a computer showroom "just to look."
What you made the first time you walked into a computer showroom to "just look."
Coin minted not as intended. Abnormal striking process or misstrike resulting in an error in the minting process.
a coin improperly produced but not found and recycled.
an improperly produced coin, that was overlooked in production, and later released into circulation.
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A frame that doesnt produce a strike or spare.
A miss. Splits are considered open frames, but not errors.
A missed spare; same as blow. Most players do not count an unmade split as an error, but maybe they should as it was an error on the first ball to come so high
Indicates an unpredictable, and usually fatal, problem within the virtual machine.OutOfMemoryError.
a network problem that occurs with videos in Internet Explorer using a broadband connection
a problem severe enough that a bibliography entry could not be translated
Mistaken calculations or measurements with quantifiable and predictable differences.
In the legal sense, a mistaken interpretation of facts or application of the law that can prove grounds for an appeal.
Error is defined as A recoqnizable deficiency in any phase or activity of modeling and simulation that is not due to lack of knowledge. (AIAA G-077-1998) Further discussion of error can be found at the page entitled Uncertainty and Error in CFD Simulations.
Anything that impedes students' understanding and learning. We organize errors into three categories: 1. Typographical, punctuation, or grammatical errors 2. Factual errors 3. Text or art that creates confusion or misunderstanding
Disconformity (disagreement) between intellect and thing.
part of a statement that is not correct; "the book was full of errors"
also known as an error response; an action judged by a verbal community as not conforming to fact or truth or not in accordance with an acknowledged or accepted standard; the frequency of errors is independent of the frequency of corrects; one of two terms used in determining accuracy, the other being correct; see correct.
The opposite of truth. Acceptance of what is untrue.
Unexplained variation in a collection of observations. Note: DOE's typically require understanding of both random error and lack of fit error.
The difference between an observed score and a predicted or estimated score. Symbolized as e or E.
1. See instrument error, observational error, random error, systematic error, standard error. 2. See forecast error.
A value that indicates the "quality" of a neural net's learning process. Used by neural nets with supervised learning, by comparing the current output values with the desired output values of the net. The smaller the net's error is, the better the net had been trained. Usually the error is always a value greater than zero.
a subclass of Throwable that indicates serious
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a "sin qua non" Clearly the m
An error is signalled when an evaluation cannot be performed correctly.
Loss of magnetic signal strength to a degree that data cannot be read.
loss of magnetic signal strength to a degree that data is uninterpretable
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Error is an EP by Error released by Epitaph Records in 2004.
A transaction that could not be successfully completed due to a client or server error. Errors may occur for many different reasons, including when expired links at your site are used. Errors may appear in your log as code numbers (such as ‘404’) or as descriptions (‘ERR!’).
A request which resulted in an error code being sent to the browser. The most common error is code 404 - File Not Found. This usually occurs when a request is mistyped. There are also many other possible causes of errors. Any HTTP result code, 400 or higher, is treated as an error by Summary.
A message that the compiler will give you when you have code that does not compile. Unlike warnings, you cannot run your code if you have errors. Errors are usually displayed by the developer tools in red.
An error message is provided to a school when an element of the submitted data fails a check on the validity of the data.
Issue error message
Errors are defined as pages that visitors attempted to view, but that returned an error message instead. Often these errors occur because of broken links (links to pages that do not exist anymore) or when an unauthorized visitor attempts to access restricted pages (for example, if the visitor does not have a password to access the page).
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a move which is not Joseki. Denoted "?" in the game diagram.
Collectively, all of the factors other than what a test purports to measure that contribute to scores on the test; error is a variable in all testing and assessment, 18
a bound on the precision and accuracy of the result of a measurement
departure from what is ethically acceptable
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A shot that fails to cross the net or lands out of the court, resulting in loss of the point. See forced error; unforced error.
The latitude of inaccuracy in a testing system. It is usually expressed in +/- units and/or percent.
Term used to define any unanticipated and undesired change in the way a computer or application is expected to function.
The act of unsuccessfully returning a ball during play.
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When a receiving device determines that the data it received does not match the data that was transmitted by the sending device, an error is generated. This will usually result in the data being re-sent (see CRC).
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an impediment based on natural law
an event,- an exception is the object that the event creates
a specific type of exception that a program isn't expected to be able to handle
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a difficulty
Any operation or data which is not in concurrence with the design or input to the system.
a defect in the Software that causes it not to perform substantially in accordance with the applicable standards set forth in the Documentation
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Header may not contain more than a single header, new line detected.
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a character replacement
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a simple tracking issue
a special type of command sent by the server in response to a client command
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An abnormal condition in a program
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The error Element
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See Known Error.