Definitions for "False negative"
When anti-spam software fails to identify a spam message as spam.
When our data leads us to believe something is untrue when it is in fact true.
There are two kinds of false reports from antiviral software. A false negative report is an antiviral report that there is no viral activity or presence, at a time when there is a internet security threat present. Most people just refer to an antiviral "missing" a internet security threat.
Occurs when an actual intrusive action has occurred but the system allows it to pass as non-intrusive behavior.
The failure of a system to recognize an intrusive action.
The failure of an IDS to report an instance in which an attacker successfully compromises a host or network.
Occurs when there is an attack and the product does not raise an alarm. Obviously, this case is problematic because the intruder's action can go completely unnoticed. Thus, the IDS might give a false sense of security to the Tivoli administrator.
a Pap smear or colposcopy result that mistakenly reports that no abnormal cells are identified
An erroneous decision that an examinee is not being deceptive when the examinee is actually being deceptive.
a failure by an antivirus product to detect the existence of a virus
A situation in which a signature is not fired when offending traffic is detected.
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Breast x-ray that misses breast cancer that is present.
Breast x-rays that miss cancer when it is present.
a misspelled word which is wrong in the current context, but may be correct in others