Definitions for "Pap"
The Password Authentication Protocol is a part of the IETF protocol suite for exchanging passwords. As PAP sends the unencrypted user password to a central server to be authenticated, it offers little protection.
The Printer Access Protocol is part of the AppleTalk protocol suite. It transmits printer data and queries configuration and status information from networkable printers.
See Printer Access Protocol
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Fransk udtryk der betyder Page Avec Publicité vue, dvs. en side med synlig reklame. Det er en publikumsmåler, der tillader en webmaster at blive betalt alt efter hvor stor trafik der er på vedkommendes site.
French term meaning Page Avec Publicité vue, i.e., Page with viewed advertisement. It is an audience measurement unit used to pay a webmaster according to the traffic drawn by his site.
Prostate Acid Phosphatase. Prostatic Differentiation Markers. PAP is a marker of prostatic differentiation and is more sensitive (but less specific) than PSA. It is expressed in normal, hyperplastic, and neoplastic prostatic epithelium. When coupled with PSA, it can be of great help in ascertaining prostatic epithelial origin of a given neoplasm. Occasionally, carcinoid rumors and bladder carcinomas can be positive for PAP.
an enzyme or biomarker secreted by prostate cells associated with a higher probability of disease outside the prostate when levels are 3.0 or higher; PAP elevations suggest that the disease is not OCD (organ confined disease)
prostate acid phosphatase. an enzyme produced by the prostate that is elevated in some patients when prostate cancer has spread beyond the prostate.
A soft food for infants, made of bread boiled or softened in milk or water.
A type of porridge made from ground maize meal. Traditionally it is a staple food for many of South Africa 's indigenous peoples.
Boiled corn meal, often served with sous - a sauce, usually featuring tomato and onions.
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Positive axis point. The desired point on the bowling ball which serves as the axis of rotation after release. The bowler's style determines this location. It is measured from the center of the grip over a distance along the midline and up a distance along the mid plane (vertical axis line).
Positive Airway Pressure. positive airway pressure adjuncts are used to mobilize secretions and treat conditions such as atelectasis, or to keep airways open and unobstructed in patients with sleep apnea. They include continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), positive expiratory pressure (PEP), expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP), and bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP)
The point on the ball that is equidistant from all points of the release ball track.
Any speech, writing, or idea lacking substance, or of trivial content; oversimplified, trite, or worthless ideas.
worthless or oversimplified ideas
Punjab Armed Police
People's Armed Police, a paramilitary unit formed in 1983, responsible for internal security, border controls, and the protection of State installations, including prisons.
People's Armed Police. A paramilitary force created in 1983 to patrol border areas and to guard government buildings. It was used extensively to suppress demonstrations in Lhasa between 1987 and 1991. Cf. PSB.
Partido Aprista Peruano
Partido de Acci& n Popular
A nipple; a mammilla; a teat.
A rounded, nipplelike hill or peak; anything resembling a nipple in shape; a mamelon.
Presentation artist's proofs. A proof meeting the right to print impression or standard used for the edition that is intended for distribution to artists who contribute to a Gemini project. The impressions may be part of a portfolio or series to which a group of artists has contributed.
Play as Printed. A card that is reprinted with a different ability, but the same title and no errata marking. Both versions of the card are legal for play, and you may mix/match the different versions up to 5 total. (e.g., Limited edition Sting of the Scorpion, and the new version in Year of the Dragon)
Patient Assistance Program-Programs Administered by pharmaceutical companies that provide free or low-cost medications to low-income individuals. Each program has unique qualification criterion regarding prescription coverage, income, and eligibility for other assistance programs.
Publications Assistance Program
Patient Assistance Program. These programs, run by pharmaceutical companies, provide free or low cost medicine to low income individuals that qualify.
Personal Auto Policy. A comprehensive automobile insurance policy developed to in the 1970s to be easily understood by the "typical" insurance purchaser.
The most common auto insurance policy being sold, written in simple language, providing coverage for liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist coverage, and physical damage.
Personal Auto Policy. A policy insuring private-passenger autos owned by individuals.
Packet-level Procedure
Peroxidase-antiperoxidase (staining procedure)
A commonly used term for air core (unfilled) direct burial telephone cable with a corrugated aluminum shield.
Project and IT Process Steering Committee. A standing committee reporting to the Board of Directors of Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd. and mandated to ensure that the further development of payment systems services meets the banks' requirements. The PAP supports the banks and Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd. in implementing strategies for joint projects and with the specification, development and operation of payment systems applications. It also rules on questions and problems that arise at the interfaces between the parties involved – the banks, Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd. and the Swiss National Bank.
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Poverty Alleviation Plan
the small projection of a mammary gland
Process Action Plan. is plan providing a description of the process and activities for a subsequent phase in the programme or project process (Denmark).
Nourishment or support from official patronage; as, treasury pap.
a diet that does not require chewing; advised for those with intestinal disorders
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Public Access Profile; a DECT term.
Prospective Adoptive Parent. An individual or family that wishes to adopt a child and is somewhere in the process (selecting an agency, completing their home study, etc.).
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The pulp of fruit.
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To feed with pap.
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Picture and Picture - split screen displaying any 2 formats PC, Video, TV, Sky, and Digital.
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A widely used method to log on to an ISP without using a terminal window.
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Processed Animal Protein
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People's Action Party - Governing party since 1959.