Definitions for "ticket"
An information packet used to securely pass the identity of a user to a server or service. A ticket is good for only a single client and a particular service on a specific server. It contains the principal name of the service, the principal name of the user, the IP address of the user's host, a timestamp, and a value to define the lifetime of the ticket. A ticket is created with a random session key to be used by the client and the service. Once a ticket has been created, it can be reused until the ticket expires. A ticket only serves to authenticate a client when presented along with a fresh authenticator. See also authenticator, credential, service, session key.
A credential certificate representing the authenticated identity of a client. See DCE Security Model .
All programs executing in the Teligent P90/E environment are required to provide authentication data in order to be able to participate in the system. This data is termed a ticket.
The betting slip or ticket which is received by the investor from the bookmaker or totalisator, as proof of his or her wager. The ticket is used to collect any dividends.
A record of a problem that is being diagnosed or repaired. Originally a slip of paper, a ticket is now usually a record maintained on line, and "open a ticket" means "make a request for technical assistance."
A legal contract promising that whatever is printed on it will actually occur as printed for the printed price. Should the producing organization be unable to furnish what is promised on the ticket, it must offer a refund. A ticket is worth the exact cash value printed on it. Tickets should be handled with the same care as cash. If a ticket is lost or stolen it is the same as if money were lost or stolen. A Box Office may contain tickets that represent thousands of dollars.
a specific market price or at a specific dollar amount Buy Stock Without A Broker than receive cash, the
a thousand dollars
a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
a brand new website offering great prizes in free to enter competitions
a free to enter games and prize draw website
a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally abuse other people
a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others and be generally obnoxious
a revocable license and may be confiscated with no refund of purchase price
A small piece of paper, cardboard, or the like, serving as a notice, certificate, or distinguishing token of something.
A certificate or token of right of admission to a place of assembly, or of passage in a public conveyance; as, a theater ticket; a railroad or steamboat ticket.
A certificate or token of a share in a lottery or other scheme for distributing money, goods, or the like.
A printed list of candidates to be voted for at an election; a set of nominations by one party for election; a ballot.
a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
a percentage vote on one or more issues on a ballot
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The keno ticket. Marked with 80 numbers, used by a player to mark her spots. Generally made from low quality paper.
is a paper sleep, which displays 80 numbers and the player has to mark 4-10 of them and later on match against the drawn numbers.
90 Ball bingo is played on a ticket nine boxes wide and three boxes deep. Each ticket contains 15 numbers randomly selected from 1 – 90; three rows of five numbers (15 numbers in total). Read how to play.
To furnish with a tickets; to book; as, to ticket passengers to California.
a paper document which is a representation of a passenger reservation with Dairy Air, sometimes synonymous with reservation
provide with a ticket for passage or admission; "Ticketed passengers can board now"
Tickets are a way of grouping correspondance regarding a particular issue. Incoming tickets are sorted into queues. The multiple messages gathered under a single ticket are called threads. Example tickets are: support trouble tickets, sales lead tickets & billing inqueries.
Refers to a recording present in a file, for example: a call ticket or a trouble ticket (each call generates a recording).
a person who has no intention of participating in the lifestyle but is willing to go along just to get you in
individual who has no intention of participating in swinging activities but is willing to escort another individual
A person, usually a woman, brought to a swing party solely to enable the man to gain entrance. The ticket generally has no intention to swing or is not free to swing.
a number travel daily news generated by a travel news today bad news travel fast news search search travel zorgraph
Refers to a single ticket associated with a single traveler
What a traveler takes to the airport to use during check-in as a receipt of their itinerary.
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a laughable solution
A citation, usually for a traffic violation.
a summons issued to an offender (especially to someone who violates a traffic regulation)
a violation of law that could potentially result in an accident
Substrate which contains only the facestock and contains no hole punches.
Email that comes into MailManager is called a ticket. Each ticket has a unique reference number, and contains a record of all subsequent correspondence and actions taken.
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a contract between you and a member of the staff usually referred to as the Coach Counselor
Sales/Ticket Taker Members of House staff who sell and take tickets.
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issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty; "I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street"; "Move your car or else you will be ticketed!"
a promise to appear in court - the fine is actually bail
a receipt that you did something wrong
A tradesman's bill or account.
Record made by an operator of information required for billing a long distance call.
a number issued by the ainmal billing service
an e-mail that is logged into the system from an outside source, or an e-mail that is created from within the GUI itself
A method used to report an error or problem with a software product. Usually part of an on-line customer care tool whereby the customer logs a ticket on-line which sends and email to the software support team where it is acknowledged, logged, prioritised and resolved according to the terms of the SLA.
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a request to fix a technology problem sent to the Modernization and Information Technology Services (MITS) Help Desk
A record created in the call tracking software, that identifies and details the request the customer submitted to the Help Desk.
A piece of information that helps identify who the owner is. See service ticket.
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a no fun and can put a real damper on your day of ATVing
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a physical exchange, where much of Las Vegas Cheap Hotel Las Vegas Cheap Hotel of compounding
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a number generated by a network server for a client,
a number generated by a network server which can be delivered to itself, or a different server, and cannot easily be forged
a service that runs Internet servers, allowing organizations and individuals to serve content on the idea entirely on his son's tricycle
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an object of XoopsToken class
the appropriate or desirable thing; "this car could be just the ticket for a small family"
a strange thing
the central object in RT, the thing that needs to get done. Tickets have metadata attached to them such as owner, status, queue, etc.
an electronic form showing all the relevant information about an order
An abbreviation of order ticket.
Is the physical record of an order. Tickets are time stamped and show quantity, price or market pending price, type of order, and customer. If additional information is required to minimize errors such as type of order, market location, commission or spread, broker taking the order and so forth then that should be entered at the time of order acceptance. In some firms tickets are generated from the Trading Blotter.
an issue which has been initiated through either an email or the web interface
When you have made and paid for your selections, bet type, race and value, at a retail outlet you will be issued with a ticket.
A number assigned to an issue being handled by support
a code that you can type or paste into your team to add a new feature
a team that must include Delegate President, Vice-president, General Secretary and Treasurer
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a document some individuals on Social Security SSI or SSDI benefits will receive
A small rectangle of card, or Oyster-borne electronic concept or entity, enabling Tube Challengers to pass through ticket barriers with varying degrees of success.
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an item created by the public, or another imcista
Written or printed contract for service or product as outlined on the conditions stated.
a voucher that an individual can take to an Employment Network to receive services
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a bearer instrument
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an individual task that must get dealt with in some way
a passive date just to get you in
A generic unit for resource share definition. The more ticket shares that a job, user, project, or other component has, the more important it is. If a job has twice as many tickets as another job, for example, that job is entitled to twice the resource consumption.
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A label to show the character or price of goods.
To distinguish by a ticket; to put a ticket on; as, to ticket goods.
a small price to pay for having such a good looking car
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a sequence of a few hundred bytes
trading authorization transmittal letter
Form completed by a Registered Representative of a brokerage, upon receiving...
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A little note or notice.
a pure piece of paper, it has some properties and no behavior
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a spread, no trade When To Buy And Sell Stock place
A standard form that indicates eligibility for the Ticket to Work Program.
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an information, that is being tracked in RT
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a single incoming support-request
An electronic authorization for access to a set of data for a specified period of time.
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A playing card.
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a way to access