Definitions for "Incoming"
Keywords:  puller, mob, notify, alert, enemies
Incoming is used to signify that a group of enemies are heading towards your group. Normally the puller of a group will pull a mob(s) and say Inc to notify the group that monsters are on their way.
A term the puller uses to alert the group to incoming pulls.
Keywords:  dreamcast, sega, rage, defunct, testers
Incoming is primarily a 3-D shooting flight simulator game, with optional real-time strategy sections. It was released in 1998, for the PC and Sega Dreamcast, by the now defunct Rage Software Limited. It was used by many hardware testers as a CPU and graphics card testing benchmark.
Keywords:  taproom, alum, lob, stairs, velocity
Usually called to warn other people in the taproom when an impressive lob is about to land on their head (or in the middle of the pool table when someone is lined up for a shot). Also, the signal that a certain alum is charging down the stairs at a rather high velocity.
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Goods discharged in Rotterdam
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Keywords:  grand, entrance, entering, act
the act of entering; "she made a grand entrance"
Keywords:  gain
Income; gain.
Keywords:  target, node, attribute, edge, directed
Attribute of a directed edge. A directed edge is an incoming edge at its target node. See Also Directed, Edge, Target.