Definitions for "notify "
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Standard (RFC 1996) whereby DNS master servers can inform their slaves that changes were made to their zones, and which initiates a zone transfer.
Use this command followed by a nickname(s) so that when any of them log on to an IRC server, you will be informed.
An RFC standard that enables DNS master servers to inform their slaves that changes were made to their zones. This initiates a zone transfer.
n., a local term used to refer to items which have been requested by a library user; used interchangeably with "patron request." The request can have been originally submitted as a purchase request, as a request for an item currently on order, or it can be a request for an uncataloged item identified in the catalog as "ordered-received."
An instruction written on a firm order, or placed in an approval plan book, that asks that the requestor be informed when this material is cataloged and ready for use.
state and federal regulations require you to notify Ecology if the amount of hazardous waste you generate per month or batch is more than 220 pounds OR if you accumulate more than 2200 pounds on-site at any one time. 220 pounds is roughly one-half of a 55-gallon drum. You can satisfy this requirement by requesting a Form 2 from Ecology and completing it.
To give notice to; to inform by notice; to apprise; as, the constable has notified the citizens to meet at the city hall; the bell notifies us of the time of meeting.
give information or notice to; "I advised him that the rent was due"
In the context of notifying information to the London Stock Exchange, the delivery of an announcement or other document for distribution by the Company Announcements Office of the Exchange to the public through the Exchange's Regulatory News Service
a parameter that is used in a JCL job statement to specify who the system should notify when the job has completed processing
To make known; to declare; to publish; as, to notify a fact to a person.
To communicate a fact to another person in a manner reasonably likely under the circumstances to impart knowledge of the information to the other person.
A synonym for publish.
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a system tray Outlook mail icon for Outlook Web Access users
Notify lets you notify the visitors of your website by email if there are changed files on your site. Users can register themselves for groups of files they are interested in. The webmaster can define these groups and the files they contain. Notify is simple and stable. Installation instructions are provided in both English and German.