Definitions for "entering"
Keywords:  heddle, harness, loom, warp, beam
Operation that consists in threading warp yarns from the loom beam through the heddles of the harness shaft according to the entering design, and then through the reed blade.
The process of threading each warp yarn on a loom beam through a separate drop wire, heddle, and reed space in preparation for weaving. This process may be done by hand or by a semi-automatic machine.
The process of putting the pattern into the harness of a loom; there are different kinds of patterns, from plain to fancy.
Sometimes it can take a while for everyone to process through all the gates (qv). This extra entrance time should be taken as a gift to more fully center and prepare oneself. Remember that the ritual is supposed to be outside of time - chill out and take the time to just be where you are. Please do not distract others by talking, etc. during the procession.
the act of entering; "she made a grand entrance"
Keywords:  kybdy, esc, keyboard, database, field
To type an item of information into a field in a database. (DB, Gr. 5) ESC key: Key on a keyboard that is used to "move around" with a program. (Kybdy, Gr. 1)
that is going in; "the entering class"; "the ingoing administration"; "ingoing data"
Keywords:  inward, movement
a movement into or inward
incoming; -- of a person or group assuming a role. Opposite of leaving and outgoing.