Definitions for "MoB"
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Monster ; i.e. hostiles.
Mobile - a Non-Player Character (NPC); a person or creature in the MUD that is not controlled by a player.
( abbrev.) Mobile. A mobile is a non playing character of the mud. It can be peaceful or agressive. You can fight mobs to get experience.{help mob
A throng; a rabble; esp., an unlawful or riotous assembly; a disorderly crowd.
To crowd about, as a mob, and attack or annoy; as, to mob a house or a person.
A highly emotional crowd whose members engage in, or are ready to engage in, violence against a specific target, which may be a person, a category of people, or physical property.
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Man Overboard - A GPS receiver function that allows marking a specific location so that you can return to that location at a later time.
an ver oard A feature of GPS, LORAN-C and other electronic navigation receivers which stores the current position at a press of the MOB button. This enables the vessel to be steered back to the original position. It is intended to assist in the retrieval of a crew member who has fallen overboard.
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Magyar Olimpiai Bizottsag
Environment for video and multimedia installations and other kinds of realtime media manipulation with a focus on modularity and performance.
mo vable ob ject is a graphical object that is manipulated separately from the background. These are seen all the time in computer games. When implemented in hardware, MOBs are sometimes called sprites.
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a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities
an association of criminals; "police tried to break up the gang"; "a pack of thieves"
Make or Break Kam
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Mike O'Brien
Keywords:  devgroup, nickname
Nickname for DevGroup.
Keywords:  sheep, cattle, goats, rural, talk
Group of animals (Sheep, Cattle, Goats, Horses), usually of similar age or class.
group of people. Rural types talk about mobs of sheep.
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Master Object – AAF term for MXF Package
Keywords:  cowl, wrap, cover
To wrap up in, or cover with, a cowl.
municipal over bond. The difference in price between a municipal bond futures contract and a Treasury bond futures contract listed on the Chiacgo Board of Trade.
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If the mob was angry, it is telling you not to join any activity which could prove dangerous.
The lower classes of a community; the populace, or the lowest part of it.
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Branch member. Membership year is July 1 to June 30.
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group of people or a family
the: a single organized crime family; OR all organized crime families together.
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Mobile Channel Usage
see Money Order Business Cancellation.
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Device Definitions
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Main Operating Base
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Man Over Board.
A mobcap.