Definitions for "Definitions"
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class of words that conveys action or status
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These definitions apply to the schedule of classes' short forms. Subject See Course Abbreviations. Catalog# See Catalog Number. Units See Unit. Title See Course Title. Class See Class Number. Comp Sec See Component and also Section. Camp Loc See Campus and also Location. Assoc. Class See Associated Class. Rel 1 See Related Component 1. Rel 2 See Related Component 2. Enrl Cap See Enrollment Capacity. Enrl Tot See Enrollment Total. Wait Cap See Waitlist Capacity (not in use). Wait Tot See Waitlist Total (not in use). Time Days/Date See Week Days. Bldg Room See Building/Room. Instructor See Instructor.
Part of every insurance policy; explain the special meaning of the designated words (identified in bold print or set off by quotation marks) within the context of insurance.
Section of an insurance policy that clarifies the meaning of certain terms used in the policy.
show HIDE Copy that explains idiomatic or technical words and phrases.
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Health and Human Services, US
A definition is the set of fingerprints that characterize a piece of spyware. MEDIAPORT regularly updates the definitions of known spyware that Dr.Virus uses.
These are defintions of common snowboarding slang.
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sensitivity for others
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