Definitions for "Fingerprints"
Fingerprints (2007) is a film by Harry Basil starring Leah Pipes, Kristin Cavallari, Josh Henderson, and Andrew Lawrence.
A type of inclusion (internal flaw) particularly found in corundum. Finish - The term for describing the quality of polish, proportion of cut, and overall appearance of a gemstone.
Fingerprints, released in 2006, is Peter Frampton's first instrumental album, and features guest appearances from friends and musical acquaintances, as well as Frampton's signature effect, the talkbox.
The Commission has launched a database called Eurodac to store fingerprints of asylum-seekers, in order to help Member States to determine whether a person has previously applied for asylum status in another Member State. (See Asylum : Identification of asylum-seekers)
Where an impression of the finger, thumb, or toe is taken by placing the digit in ink and then imprinting the print onto paper. This is then kept as a record, and can be destruction if charges are not laid or the person is found not guilty• Police Powers• Regulatory Offences
Fingerprints are the unique patterns of files, cookies, and registry entries that spyware installs. These are what Dr.Virus detects and compares to its internal database to determine if spyware is present on your computer.
Reproductions of unique finger marks, which are used to identify people.