Definitions for "kos"
Keywords:  kos, npc, sight, faction, kill
(plural: KOSs) Knowbot Operating System The software component of a Knowbot Service Station (KSS), layered on top of the host's native operating system. The KOS consists of a kernel, optionally many extensions or plugins, and Supervisors controlling the environment of KPs. Note that while the plural of KOS is KOSs, this can be difficult to read, so when possible you should rewrite the sentence in a different way. E.g. ``Each KOS'' or ``Several Knowbot Operating Systems''.
Kos is a huge fruit, average in 1 ½ - 2 feet in length with the middle circumference averaging around 1 foot. The skin is tough, green and thorny. Curries and mallums are made from the raw fruit as well as the seeds of the fruit. The ripe fruit is extremely juicy and has the sweetness of honey.
Kill on Sight; when a player has last enough standing with a given faction, its members will agro the player. The player is then said to be KoS to that faction.
distance measurement, equivalent to 3.2 kilometres
an Indian unit of length having different values in different localities.
Knowledge Organization Systems Services