Definitions for "Waive"
To relinquish; to give up claim to; not to insist on or claim; to refuse; to forego.
To throw away; to cast off; to reject; to desert.
To throw away; to relinquish voluntarily, as a right which one may enforce if he chooses.
Keywords:  castaway, waif
A waif; a castaway.
Keywords:  recede, turn, pass, player, position
To turn aside; to recede.
to pass up a turn. The player is then responsible for the ball's position.
To pass on ones turn.
Keywords:  penalty, excuse, enforce, premiums, tax
To excuse, as premiums or tax penalties
not enforce (a penalty).
Keywords:  roster, team, releasing, player, act
The act of releasing a player from a team roster.
to grant relief from all or part of a debt under statutory authority.
Keywords:  note, law, protection, woman, see
A woman put out of the protection of the law. See Waive, v. t., 3 (b), and the Note.