Definitions for "Exclusivity"
contract term in which one party grants another party sole rights with regard to a particular business function.
A period of time, typically 60 or 90 days, during which the vendor (and his agent) agree not to enter into discussions with other prospective buyers. This period is granted to allow the buyer and his advisers to carry out Due Diligence.
Contractual right to be the sole exhibitor of a television program in a particular area at a specified time.
An agreement or practice between or among those involved that sex will be confined to the primary pair or within the primary group. The result is a "closed relationship". When applied to two lovers, it is loosely synonymous with "monogamy". When applied to a group of more than two, it is synonymous with "polyfidelity". Adjective: "exclusive".
A merchant that that stipulates 'exclusivity' in their affiliate agreement usually prohibits the affiliate from promoting competing products on their site. (I recommend against entering into exclusive agreements.)
an agreement in which a media vehicle or an event agrees to accept no advertising directly competitive to the advertiser purchasing time or space in the media vehicle or program.
Negotiated or purchased right to bar any other advertiser within a defined product category from advertising in the media vehicle in question.
Exclusivity is when an advertiser requests that their banner is not shown in rotation or on certain web pages. Typically, the publisher would charge more for this request because it limits the number of advertisers that can be accepted for those pages to one.
A period during which the seller has agreed with the preferred purchaser not to market the business to any other party nor entertain any unsolicited offers.
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