Definitions for "Monogamy"
Single marriage; marriage with but one person, husband or wife, at the same time; -- opposed to polygamy. Also, one marriage only during life; -- opposed to deuterogamy.
State of being paired with a single mate.
is a mating system in which each male mates with one female only.
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Choosing to have sex with only one other person. One way to prevent STDs is to have two people test negative and then stay together as partners. They agree not to have sex with a different person while with that partner. If this happens no one has to worry about getting a STD. Many people might only have sex with one partner at a time but if they have many partners, one after the other, they could get an STD if EACH partner isn't tested and treated.
The practice of having a single sexual partner rather than multiple sexual partners.
The practice of having only one partner.
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having only one spouse at a time
A marital practice in which a person has no more than one spouse at the same time.
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a lovely state of being - when it works
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The state or custom of being married to only one person at a time.
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A closed, two person, relationship.
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Two people have sex only with each other over a period of time.