Definitions for "Epicene"
Common to both sexes; -- a term applied, in grammar, to such nouns as have but one form of gender, either the masculine or feminine, to indicate animals of both sexes; as boy^s, bos, for the ox and cow; sometimes applied to eunuchs and hermaphrodites.
Fig.: Sexless; neither one thing nor the other.
(of words) indicating either sex with only one grammatical form; Partaking of the characteristics of both sexes; Common to both sexes; worn or inhabited by both sexes. his word has taken on a variety figurative meanings over the centuries (Ben Jonson used it to mean something like 'effeminate'); still, more than any other word, it emphasizes what is common to both sexes. Its Greek root means 'common,' and it shows up in descriptions of garments that either sex can wear, or places both sexes dwell ('Epicene...Convents, wherein Monks and Nuns lived together.' -- Fuller, c.1661). It is probably preferable to 'androgyne' for the meaning ANDROGYNE 3 (see above).
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having an ambiguous sexual identity