Definitions for "Polygyny"
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The state or practice of having several wives at the same time; marriage to several wives.
The practice of having two or more female slaves, partners or wives, rather than a single female, as in monogyny. Essay: " Polygynous Enslavement"
the state or practice of having two or more wives at the same time.
A type of polygamous mating system in which one male monopolizes the reproductive efforts of several females.
Multiple mating by males, such that families consist of both full-sibs (having the same mother and father) and half-sibs (siblings with the same mother but different fathers).
(po-LYG-y-ny). Marriage between one male and two or more females. polytheism (POL·i·the·ism). From the Greek polytheos (of many gods); the doctrine of, belief in, or worship of, many gods, a plurality of gods, or more than one god as opposed to monotheism.
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A man who is married to more than one woman at a time.
A marital practice in which one man has married more than one woman.