Definitions for "Harem"
The apartments or portion of the house allotted to females in Mohammedan families.
The family of wives and concubines belonging to one man, in Mohammedan countries; a seraglio.
the mating and association of several adult females with one male (Morris 1992).
Harem is a neighbourhood in the Anatolian part of Istanbul, Turkey. Belonging to the Üsküdar district, it lies on the coast of the Sea of Marmara between the centres of Üsküdar and Kadiköy districts, next to Haydarpaşa Terminal.
Harem is a CD by Sarah Brightman, from 2003. It mixes her operatic voice with middle-eastern rhythms and vocals. Thanks to an idea of Frank Peterson, the producer of this album, in the song "Mysterious Days", they included the vocals of the late singer Ofra Haza, who has worked with Frank in 1997.
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group of elk during rut, usually consisting of cows, calves, and one mature bull
a group of women that provide sexual favors for One man
A group of subs serving one or more Dom/mes
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the private area of a house