Definitions for "TOM"
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The male of certain animals; -- often used adjectively or in composition; as, tom turkey, tomcat, etc.
An unneutered (entire) male cat
whole male cat.
A familiar contraction of Thomas, a proper name of a man.
nickname for Thomas (abbrev. Thos.)
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The knave of trumps at gleek.
Office of Treatment and Guidance for Children (Tratamiento y OrientaciĆ³n de Menores). Government agency charged with administering all juvenile detention and protection services.
contemptuous name for a Black man who is abjectly servile and deferential to Whites
Tom is American sitcom which premiered in mid-season 1994 on CBS. Tom was cancelled after eleven episodes.
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A poor tipper.
Tom Sanville, Executive Director of OhioLINK, Member of LAC.
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Top of Memory. Top of Memory. A design limit at the 640kb-mark on most PCs. Often the boot record does not completely reach top of memory, thus leaving empty space. Boot sector infectors often try to conceal themselves by hiding around the top of memory. Checking the top of memory value for changes can help detect a virus, though there is also non-viral reasons this value change.
theory of mind. The term used to describe the ability to explain and predict behavior in terms of other people's mental states. go to glossary index
TARGET blank Tournament Of Minds
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rounded hill
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No good. Not generous. Opposite of George.
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T.O.M. aims to bring the monitoring of printers and toner to every business, both big and small, with an easy to use web interface.
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this is what is commonly referred to as a person who does not tip well.
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Time Of Month
TOM is the name of two different programming languages.
The process of informing the customer of your services from various sources.